• Concrete Demolition
    Breaking of Water Tank
    At Undri, Pune
  • Anchor Bolt Fixing
    Anchor Bolt Fixing
    Through Bolt Anchor
  • Hydraulic Bursting
    Hydraulic Bursting
    RCC Foundation Bursting
  • concrete splitting
    Concrete Splitting
    Hydraulic Splitter-Koyana Dam Demo
  • Nylon Frame Anchor Fixing
    Nylon Frame Anchor Fixing
With over 20 years experience in the construction Industries Indo Spark Construction Services. Specialist in Concrete drilling
and cutting expertise in diamond Drilling, sawing and controlled demolition work. With our Head office based at Kolhapur
[Maharashtra India] and Strategically based branches throughout the Country. Indo Spark Construction Services has built its
enviable reputation with its highly trained team, Qualified operators on skillful use of the Very latest equipment carrying out
thousands of Contracts promptly and precisely throughout the country....

We at Indo Spark Constriction Services offer Concrete Demolition Services / Concrete Breaking Services of various structures, Using specialized machines and equipment.
Industrial Structure Demolition, Commercial Complex's Demolition, Sugar Factory Foundation Demolition, RCC Structure Breaking Work for example-Column, Beam, Slab, Chajja, Bricks Breaking Works, Tremix Flooring Breaking Works, Concrete Breaking Works, Pile Breaking and Breaking of Water Tanks

Concrete Demolition

Concrete Demolition

We at Indo Spark Constriction Services offer Concrete Breaking / Demolition Services of various structures, Using specialized machines

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Concrete / Hydraulic Splitting

Concrete / Hydraulic Splitting

Hydraulic Splitter is one of the safest and most efficient methods of mass concrete, Brick work or natural stone

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Hydraulic Concrete Crushers

Hydraulic Concrete Crushers

Concrete Crushing is an effective & environmentally friendly way to carry out Controlled Demolition in a variety of material & application Scrollers

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